Friday, June 1, 2012

Time for a few cupcakes...

I have been neglecting a good friend lately...actually two, but this is the better of both, the cupcake. The other, the cakepop, well, it's not always a GOOD friend, so I don't feel quite so bad. But, would I have believed you only a few short months ago when you would have said, Heidi, you will be flipping for cookies? I don't know, I don't think so...I mean they take so long, and most people don't actually eat them, but they are just soooo much more individual, you can put almost anything on a cookie...STOP! This post is about cupcakes!
Ok, let's get on to the subject. My good friend asked me 2-3 days ago if it was too late to make cupcakes for today. And because I can't say no, and well, now I am officially allowed to bake and sell from my home, I said yes, of course. She thought about the concept, and asked me to basically make something cute, sent me a few links and decided on the chocolate ganache topping, and blue. Because I find at least 3 colours more fun, I decided to go for the yellow as well, and then I thought, well one has to have those colours in sprinkles, but the topping has to be white. That is how I ended up with 4 colours. By the way, for future reference, I would not be putting that much effort in the colour scheme for someone I don't know paying me the regular price! Mixing colours takes forever! And well, the yellow didn't quite come out as I wanted, but you know, I am a slight colour perfectionist.

Can anyone see that I also handpainted the butterflies in blue and yellow? I didn't take a good enoough picture of that...

Ok, well this was a nice little project, but now people, back to cookies!!!

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